Features of the best betting sites

UK is the home country for many gambling, betting and casino like games. Among many betting sites Ladbrokes is one of the best betting sites to enjoy the fun. Take a look at bestbettingwebsites.org.uk for a selection of different online betting sites available to UK customers. But it is not as other site which has lot of betting game to play but has meaning games to bet on. To this day, the Ladbrokes brand is one of the most instantly recognizable gambling brands in the country with its distinctive red corporate color scheme standing out from the crowd on High Streets and online.

Games And It Feature Of Attraction

Among the sports it covers there were 25 separate sports and a number of novelty betting aspects. This isn’t the most extensive range of sports you can hope to find on a sports betting site but it will be more than enough for all but the most serious or committed sports betting fan. Given that the majority of punters will be focusing on the key sports, such as football, horse racing, rugby and tennis or golf, it is the range and diversity of betting options in these sports that is probably the most important aspect when it comes to betting coverage.

There is a strong range of future bets, upcoming game bets for singles and accumulators and an extensive selection of in-play bets. These bets are all available on the desktop or mobile betting app so no matter how a person is more comfortable using the Ladbrokes betting site, they can do so.

Like the vast majority of best betting websites, Ladbrokes provide a wide range of promotions to entice players to sign up and then to stay with them. Currently, new players on the Ladbrokes betting site receive a matched first bet up to the value of £50 when they enter the relevant promotional code. The company also offers Cash Out specials, a Best odds guarantee and a number of timely or seasonal bets.

User Experience And Banking Options

You might have the opportunities to use many betting sites and app, but you will feel good user experience with Ladbrokes betting site. The layout of the site is well designed and follows the familiar pattern of template. There are many options for banking in Ladbrokes like VISA Electron, VISA, MasterCard, Western Union, Neteller, PayPal, and Maestro. There is variety of options for withdrawal and deposit to place a bet on sport you want.

Even there are many betting sites to choose, there is some users for Ladbrokes which fulfill the needs of gamblers. It is one of the best betting website if you are looking for simple sports to bet on.

3 ways to understand the basics of a good gambling site

Regardless of whether you are making profit or not, you should be able to understand the basics of a good gambling site. On this article we will clarify the basics of a typical and trusted betting site to make it easier for you. 

There are a lot of gambling websites and sometimes unfortunately it might be a bit overwhelming. This is especially because they all have different rules, different games and policies. However, first rule is to never trust a gambling site that is dodgy looking. Always aim to go for the trusted sites.

1. Trustworthy 

This is without doubt the most important element of a gambling site. There are a lot of betting sites some genuine some not. Hence, it is incredibly important that you make sure you invest your money on a site that is trustworthy. Don’t forget the more there are people looking to play betting games, the more there are sites providing betting games. To eliminate the chances of the site being not real, what you can do is first to have a thorough look on the site. You can also do an external research on the site. These external reviews can be very helpful.

2. Payment Options

This is another element that you need to be very careful about. Firstly, you should decide what kind of option you want. Make sure you have your preferred option for depositing as well as the withdrawal options. However, the most important thing is to make sure that they have secured transaction procedures.

3. Minimum amount required for Deposit

Prior to signing up to a gambling site, make sure there is enough information about the min amount required for deposit. The gambling sites that are trustworthy have this information up front most of the time. Because if they do not, this will cost them in terms of losing the potential customers. Hence it is incredibly important to have the significant information up front. However, not only the information about the minimum amount but the information about the maximum amount is also vital. Because if these numbers are too high or too low, this could also be alarming. Especially if you are thinking of making online betting a full time job, you should make sure you carry on with trusted web site, and definitely not risk it with inappropriate ones as this could cost you a lot. 

Travelers flying from poland can now claim flight delay compensation

Thanks to poland being inside the European Union anyone flying to and from their will now be able to claim back on any flight delays that they have suffered when traveling. Flight delays are a pain, lets face it not a single one of us likes to be trapped in an airport with nothing to do for hours on end, well there is finally a way to get at least some form of respite by being able to claim money back, how much you get depends on two main factors which are how far you were planning to travel and how long you were actually delayed for. Remember that in order to have a successful claim you will of needed to be delayed for more than 3 hours otherwise you will not be able to process anything.

There a few reasons which will prevent you from making a claim though, one of them being the most important which is in order to make a claim the reason needs to be one that the air carriers could not prevent, for instance you can claim if the flight has been delayed if the reason why its delayed is due to them missing out a mechanical fault which wasnt found when they did their original check however you will not be able to make a valid flight delay compensation claim if there is extreme weather conditions which are preventing it from flying.

Another reason why you may have a claim rejected is if the air line actually offers you an alternative flight to take, in some cases the company may be able to provide you with a different flight and as long as this is done within the allotted 3 hour time period you will not be able to claim against them.

Definitely one of the best bits is that no matter the cost of your original ticket whether you picked it up for a £5er or you paid £400 for it the price will never affect the amount of compensation that gets paid out to you at the end

Online Slots Vs Fruit Machines

The popularity of online gambling has been increasing steadily over the past few years. In fact, these days, more people prefer to gamble online, rather than visit physical casinos. From websites which offers almost all the different types and forms of casino games, to websites which specialize in a certain casino game like for example slot machines, one can enjoy  any and every gambling experience they want online these days. Thus, if a player is in love with playing the slot machines, all he or she has to do is find a website which offers the widest range of online slots and have the maximum fun playing these slot machines online. A great site to check out for online slots bonuses & reviews is ukonlineslots.org

Visiting physical casinos has become a big pain for many gamblers these days. There are many governments across the world  who do not allow these casinos to run legally in many of their cities and therefore, there is a big possibility that you  may not have a casino present in your city and thus, the question of you visiting these casinos and enjoying these slot machines does not arise. Even if these casinos are present in your city, in most of the cases, the atmosphere of these places is not very good. You would come across some really unruly people at these places, who make you uncomfortable and
spoil your gambling fun. The online slots offer the perfect solution to these problems. Thanks to these online websites, you can your favourite slot machine games to your heartís content, from within the confines and comforts of your own home. You only need to be careful about your choice of the website you choose for playing these games and ensure that only a good and reliable website is selected for this purpose.

Playing the same game, in the same format and for the same prize money, can make even the most interesting games boring. Therefore, it becomes important that a good website offering online slots, offers its customers a wide variety of games andprizes in these slot machines. Another very important thing that players look for when choosing these websites is the number of slot machines that the website is offering. It is important for a good website to offer a large number of slot machines to its customers to choose from. These little offerings help in making the game exciting and fun for the players.

Gambling involves risk, irrespective of the type of gamble you are undertaking or the place where you are undertaking it. The way of reducing this risk level is by ensuring that you choose a website for playing these gambling games which is reliable and at the same time offers its players with all the assistance that they might need, in the form of free trials, etc., in order to increase their understanding and expertise in the game, and thereby reduce their risk exposure. Therefore,players too should also be on the lookout for only those websites which offer free trials of their games, as these trials prove that the website is ready to offer help to the players whenever they need it.

Trying to find the best bookies offers

Its some times hard to find yourself the best bookies offers which are relevant in 2016, however there are some pages on sites like this http://beatthebookies.co/best-bookies-offers/ who make it incredibly easy for customers like you and me to find what they’re looking for. On this site they have organised all the free bets that one could dream of currently available in the UK in a nice table which go from top to bottom listing the best ones. Making it incredibly easy to make your way down the page claiming all of the bonuses on offer.

When registering your account with an online bookies its good to check out the terms and conditions of the offer that you’re wanting to claim this is just to ensure that you agree with what has been set out as once you deposit your money and claim your bonus it is literally impossible to withdraw after this point unless you go through the laborious process of contacting the staff in customer services and even then you sometimes wont be able to claim it back.

Normally the majority of bonuses nowadays will have some form of terms that are attached to it which will prevent you from being able to withdraw any winnings straight away, some bookies will require that you place another bet and turn it over in full at least once before cashing out. This is completely normal so don’t let it put you off, at the end of the day nothing in life comes for free even free bets have their own cost built into it.

So make sure you check them out today and see what bonuses you haven’t claimed yet, gambling can be a great way to add a bit of spice to watching your favourite sports team play.

Real Madrid & Atletico Madrid Banned From The Transfer Window

This year premier league clubs could have to change their plants for the upcoming transfer markets thanks to both Atletico and Real Madrid being banned by the governing body Fifa from being allowed to register any new football players for the next two transfer windows.

Real Madrid Sign Under Age Players

Gareth Bale Cant Leave

Both teams have come out stating that they will be appealing the ruling which has also prevented Madrid from selling their star players which means Manchester United will not be getting back their talisman player Ronaldo combined with the fact that De Gea was planned to go to Real Madrid last summer which only failed due to paperwork not being finished by the deadline, meaning the United goal keeper will have to plan the move elsewhere if he wants to move on.

Hazard Cant Leave Chelsea

This is causing trouble for more teams in the Premier League also with Chelsea planning to sell Hazard to Real and Costa planning to return to Atletico Madrid. As you can see its all up in arms at the moment even the Managers are prevented from moving which hinders Chelsea’s plan of instating a Permanent manager once Hiddink leave the club over the summer period.

As with all appeals the teams will be able to buy and sell new players at least in this summer as long as the whole legal process is carrying on.


The transfer market is always a good place to bet on and with all this going on you can expect the odds to rise when it comes to real madrid/atletico madrid targets. One of the best places to bet on these markets is Betfred so claim your Betfred promo code from freebetpromocode.net and get yourself a £30 free bet today.